Zemismart WiFi Válec Odstín Motor vestavěnou Baterii Pro 38mm Trubka Smart Life APP Ovládání
2 504.74 Kč 1 502.85 Kč
Dostupnost: Skladem

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  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Značka: zemismart
  • Certifikace: CE

Štítky: spínač tuya, domů smart, přizpůsobit wifi, přepnout wifi, wi-fi smart swich stmívatelné, mylar roller odstíny, 12 hodinový časový spínač, bunda života, 38mm hliníkové tubě, homekit spínač.

Mirshod Mirshod
The cable between battery and the motor had come out during shipping and the roller didn't work. I took the roller apart and replugged the cable, now everything works fine.
the motor works perfectly but the rubber end and plastic cap does not fit a standard 38mm roller curtain tube. We had to shave the rubber piece down a bit and melt a part of the plastic cap off for the motor to fit into the tube. Seller was great, worked with me through the process for a solution and was patient with me.
Greg Brown19
Bought 8 rollers in total, love it works very well. Set the schedules for open close. Seller is kind and responsive. Highly recommended!
This roller is pretty good it can handle a large blind & quite. Hope the battery can last longer for one charger. One bad thing is there is no way to indicate the battery life. So if they can add the battery life feature in the app then it will be very helpful. Anyway, I bought 7 more for other blinds. Hope it come quickly. Recommend this seller.
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